As SendWell's first initiative was sending our creative team to Europe

We compiled media resources for long-term missionaries who have devoted their lives to rescuing victims of human trafficking, restoring & raising orphaned/homeless youth, and providing solace for refugees.

We sought out missionaries who are supported by local churches, as well as missionaries who have been left orphaned on the field without a church body supporting them. 


*watch a few videos to better understand some of the causes that these faithful brothers and sisters of ours have devoted their lives to.*



Safe Harbor



One of the most vital needs for those engaged in long-term ministry and missions, is the need to retreat and rest. 

We at SendWell want to create that space where they can steal away with the Lord and allow Him to restore them heart, mind, body and soul. 

We are currently searching for locations to host these retreats. 
If you know of anywhere that could be utilized, please click below!