Over 2 billion people live with absolutely NO ACCESS to the Gospel. Our purpose as believers is to be God’s hands and feet on this earth, the final mandate, our Great Commission that He has given us is to go into ALL NATIONS and make disciples(Matt 28:16-20). We are dedicated to ruin people for the ordinary pursuits of this world, in exchange for that which they were truly created for: to surrender all that they are; their time, their resources, their very lives for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven to the ends of the earth.

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Our mobilization team will target local churches as well as college ministries to inform, inspire and raise up a new generation of radical followers of Jesus.


We will create an extensive online survey that leverages various personality and aptitude tests to help establish where they would be best suited to serve.



The survey will utilize a vast library of the best educational recourses, training programs and sending agencies. The survey will then funnel each applicant to the recourses that best suit their individual giftings.


Each submission will be followed up within 24 hours by a phone call from our team. We will help guide and council them every step of the way, as well as make sure they have a solid church family supporting them.