When the Lord calls these wonderful, faithful missionaries to pass along their ministry to the next generation, we must come around them and care for them well. More often than not, they come back to financial and logistic nightmares; all whilst carrying a deeply burdened, exhausted and grief stricken heart. We, as the body, are called to come around them and make this transition as smooth as possible.



We will arrange all housing and transportation logistics for them and their families before they arrive.


We will ensure that they come home to a stocked fridge, encouraging letters, heartfelt gifts and a steady stream of brothers and sisters in Christ, standing at the ready whenever they feel up for company. They need never feel alone or out of place.



We will help set up 401k’s for missionaries and help them reconcile all of their financial needs.


We will provide access to excellent counselors to help process through whatever individual issues they have faced and are currently facing.