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These days, all you have to do is glance down at your phone to be entirely overwhelmed by the abundance of need and true devastation in this world.

As lovers of God we are all called to be His hands and feet on this earth. Our mandate is to serve and love ALL peoples, especially those who are in greatest need. We have been set free, that we might bring His freedom to those who are held captive.

Though not all of us are called to be the ones who go to the most difficult, remote and impoverished people, those who carry the Light MUST go into the darkest places. In His goodness, He has raised up a faithful troop of missionaries to care for, and bring justice to the poor, orphaned, imprisoned and oppressed.

But there’s a massive problem... these brothers and sisters of ours are now the ones being neglected. They feel forgotten, isolated, and entirely alone in their labor.

Those of us who are not called to go, are still charged with the same Great Commission. We are still called to be a part of what God is doing, in bringing the love of God to the most severely persecuted and deeply destitute.


We are called to SEND, and we must do so with the utmost excellence.

We must come around these missionaries who have been called to serve cross culturally, and ensure that they have all that they need physically, emotionally and spiritually.

They should all feel the family of God surrounding them, even in the most remote places. We, as the local church, must devote ourselves to care for them, that they might care for those to whom they have been sent. 

At the moment, there are extremely limited resources to disciple local churches in how to send and care for missionaries with excellence.

While there are churches and sending organizations that take the utmost care of their own missionaries, there is currently no effort in place to seek out and provide care for missionaries who do not have sending churches, or who are not under the umbrella of a sending organization.

This is why SendWell exists - to care for the Sent and disciple the Senders.